The Process

The initial sketch

This design was inspired by Ghost of York by As Tall As Lions, which you can listen to here! I would have loved to of shot a music video for the song but lacked the resources. Instead, I decided to create a poster/treatment that would work as a visual representation of what I wanted to achieve. The song is about a ghost wandering the halls of a hotel looking for her long lost love. I had two ideas one revolving around a ghost in a picture looking for love and the other of the ghost wandering the halls. I might even take on the other sketch as another project in the near future!


I couldn’t find any images of that fit the overall aesthetic I was going for, so I decided to challenge myself by creating them. I wanted the hallway to have a particular look and feel. I then went on a search for images of hotels from the early 1900s to get a better idea of the sense of style. I found some pretty cool wallpaper designs as well as props for the lighting throughout the hallway. Once I had all of my assets I then moved forward with superimposing the wallpaper on the base render.







I was blown away by the final product. Sometimes I sit back in confusion, wondering how I came up with some of these designs. I enjoy sharing my creative process because I can immediately put myself back to the very second I put the tip of my pencil to the blank page in my sketchbook, or the very moment I manipulated the hand opening the door.

Project’s like these remind me, as to why lego played a significant role in my life, by allowing me to take the various pieces or images in this case, and create something out of nothing. These projects have allowed me to feel like a child again. With every new project feeling like a new Lego set and for that I’m grateful.



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