The Fear Theory

Changing the way we view mental health.

The Process

I initially began working on this project for a client that ended up going MIA – hey, it happens. I was excited about one of the sketches I came up with and decided to run with it. Shortly after completing a rough colourized sketch, another client showed interest in the poster and decided to use it for an upcoming event later this summer – it was a win-win situation.

The Research

The central theme for the project was a summer cottage party. Based on my initial sketch, there were several elements I wanted to incorporate that would give it a cottage feel. The iconic red cup was going to act as the main element, while the ping-pong ball (the sun), and everything inside the container emphasized the cottage experience.

The Initial Sketch

The cup was going to play a vital role in the design from the very beginning. The cottage on the lake or near a body of water was something I also had to incorporate in a way that made sense to the overall cottage party vibe. After sketching out a few different iterations, I decided to lay out the red cup in the middle, but on a slight slant to add some playfulness to the design.


I had a blast implementing the various elements into the poster, from the red cup, to the lake, and boat within it.


There’s nothing quite like losing yourself in the creative process.


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