Knowledge is power. Creativity is everything.

Knowledge is power. Creativity is everything.

It’s more than sketching..

In this video I go over one of the the biggest investments I made in myself back in 2019! What was that you ask? A Sketchbook! Even if you’re not a designer/artist/creative I still recommend that people go out and get one! I also wanted to share a bit of my creative process and the steps I take to bring an idea to life.


Information is power.

Why buy it, when you can make it!

Why spend $45 on a shirt for another brand that hasn’t done anything for you? Attention and impressions are a big money makers in the advertising world. Why not rep your own brand or message? In this video I wanted to show everyone how you can start your own T-Shirt design side hustle. It’s fairly simple, all you need is a plotter, a heat press and patience. Come along for the ride, this is all new to me! Let’s make some mistakes! Most importantly save some money!


Information is power.

Ownership. (Coming soon)

I usually listen to lectures in the background while I’m working. This particular lecture was on ownership what it means to actually “own” something. What does that mean to creatives? What do you own? What would you like to own one day?


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