Knowledge is power. Creativity is everything.

The Fear Theory – The Stone

A short animated series.

Behind The Sketch Series.

Behind the Sketch | The Fear Theory – Imperfectly Perfect.

“Imperfectly perfect” is rather what we all actually are (or what we consider ourselves to be). We all have flaws, just stitching them together with good intentions make us imperfectly perfect.” – Phalak Tiwari

Behind the Sketch | The Fear Theory – My Backpack.

“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.”Jeff Duntemann

Knowledge is power. Creativity is everything.

It’s more than sketching..

In this video I go over one of the the biggest investments I made in myself back in 2019! What was that you ask? A Sketchbook! Even if you’re not a designer/artist/creative I still recommend that people go out and get one! I also wanted to share a bit of my creative process and the steps I take to bring an idea to life.


Information is power.

Why buy it, when you can make it!

Why spend $45 on a shirt for another brand that hasn’t done anything for you? Attention and impressions are a big money makers in the advertising world. Why not rep your own brand or message? In this video I wanted to show everyone how you can start your own T-Shirt design side hustle. It’s fairly simple, all you need is a plotter, a heat press and patience. Come along for the ride, this is all new to me! Let’s make some mistakes! Most importantly save some money!


Information is power.

Uncovering Creativity.

Creativity has allowed me to experience so much over the years. Having lost my passion for creativity in my late teens, I went out in search of inspiration. That search led me back to my sketchbook, which gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort and trust the process.


Uncovering Creativity. Part 1 – Intro

Taking a look behind the scenes at some of my creative accomplishments – from acting to music and everything design, in this series we’ll be looking at various moments in my journey that challenged me to go deep within.


Uncovering Creativity. Part 2 – Music

In this video we’ll be taking a look a video I recorded back in 2018. I share my passion for music and how playing the bass guitar allowed me to rediscover my creativity. These short videos highlight different moments in my creative journey – the ups, the downs, the good and the bad. My with hope with this series is to inspire others in finding their hidden skills and abilities.



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