Knowledge is power. Creativity is everything.

Behind The Sketch Series.

Behind the Sketch – The Fear Theory

Welcome to Behind the Sketch. In this series I wanted to take you guys on a journey behind the curtain, behind the veil, on one of my latest projects called “The Fear Theory

Knowledge is power. Creativity is everything.

It’s more than sketching..

In this video I go over one of the the biggest investments I made in myself back in 2019! What was that you ask? A Sketchbook! Even if you’re not a designer/artist/creative I still recommend that people go out and get one! I also wanted to share a bit of my creative process and the steps I take to bring an idea to life.


Information is power.

Why buy it, when you can make it!

Why spend $45 on a shirt for another brand that hasn’t done anything for you? Attention and impressions are a big money makers in the advertising world. Why not rep your own brand or message? In this video I wanted to show everyone how you can start your own T-Shirt design side hustle. It’s fairly simple, all you need is a plotter, a heat press and patience. Come along for the ride, this is all new to me! Let’s make some mistakes! Most importantly save some money!


Information is power.


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