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The Uncovering Creativity Podcast

Having both been a part of the post-hardcore rock music scene, we both realized early on that we faced a particular set of challenges as black men. In this episode we explore what allows some people to have the courage to invest in themselves. Because at the end of the day, you’ll never know unless you try. Chck out his band Like Fires Everywhere.


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Ruth Victoria Susi is a Filipino illustrator, painter and designer based in Toronto.  Rvictorias Studio was founded on the mission to create art pieces and creative experiences that will inspire communities to see the creativity all around us and spark the need to create.

In this multi-episode conversation of Uncovering Creativity, I sat down to chat with Sean Alexander from Like Fires Everywhere. We explore his journey as a creative and how he cultivates his relationship with himself.

“I split my time making films, painting with watercolours, fundraising for small nonprofits, and coaching creatives. My personal mission to tell stories about the lived experience true to communities and support people to live their creative lives with joy and impact” To learn more about Betty and her projects click here! – Betty (coming soon)

Matt Eclevia – Co-founder of Relief Retailers (Coming soon)

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