The Fear Theory

The Idea.

The book started as a seed that was planted by someone else. I’ve always been fascinated by space and the universe. So I started sketching rockets and planets during a 5-hour train ride while travelling to another city. The narrative concept was already previously laid out, it just needed some refining. Being a big believer in creativity, I understood its power to transform mental illness into beautiful pieces of art. It also allows for deeper understanding and compassion. 

The initial sketches included some sort of large creature, as a representation of our fears. The King plays an integral role by allowing children to understand the importance of responsible leadership. And most importantly, Creo shows the importance of introspection and empathy, and the tools we acquire in overcoming difficult situations.

The Development.

Being a graphic designer, I felt that having a firm grasp on the art direction was important. The colours chosen were based on a popular video game: No Man’s Sky. Using bright colours not only grounds it in another world, but mainly keeps it interesting for children, so they have a break from their already-too-bright screens. 

While I am used to creating perfect lines through my Photoshop work, I wanted to keep the integrity of the initial sketches by allowing them to stay perfectly imperfect. No straight, refined drawings. It was important for me to show that having colours outside the lines added to the charm of the illustrations.

The Final Product.

The final book took over a year to create. With the help of a few people along the way, I put it all together to make something that has a lot of meaning for me, and hopefully others. 

The first of a series, The Fear Theory teaches children lessons in creativity, courage, and compassion. With fun facts and questions on each page, it is interactive. Beyond the book, I have also created different packages that give more value to the buyer, including a sketchbook, bookmark, printable activity sheets, and more. 

With the continuation of the series, including an audiobook and a children’s cookbook, my hope is to inspire others to create.

The Cadet Package.

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“How sad if we pass through life and never see it with the eyes of a child.”

– Anthony de Mello


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