The Fear Theory Workshop

My purpose.

When I started The Fear Theory back 2019, I wanted to create something that was fun, engaging, and authentically imperfect. During the summer of 2021 I held a virtual-workshop for a small class of grade 5 students. My ultimate goal of the workshop was to allow students to grow comfortable with the creative process, to understand the importance of cultivating ideas and to most importantly have fun!

During the 3-day workshop students learned about The Fear Theory as well as my creative process. With The Fear Theory taking place in space, it allowed room for students to create anything they wanted. My hope was to help them better understand their thought processes and grow comfortable with flexing their creative muscles. Although many of them were shy at first, once they started sketching out their ideas they began to grow more confident in themselves. When it came to them explaining their work and their creative process, I was blown away with what they came up with. One student made a mistake and instead of getting upset, he ended up turning the “mistake” into an intentional part of the image. Each planet had intricate details, backstories, colours, names, and conflicts – it was quite remarkable.

At the end of the workshop students walked away with a short animation and a wallpaper for each student. Examples below!  This along with the amazing team at Relief Retailers gave birth to my latest project Art Galaxy NFT!

Student Work.








Class Workshop Final


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