The Support Report

I deal with depression…

It took me YEARS to get to a place where I am comfortable enough to say that.

When I started this journey of trying to figure out where these feelings of apathy were coming from, I found the biggest challenge to be finding the words to describe what I was feeling. How am I to express something to others when I don’t even know what I’m dealing with? Words often weren’t enough. So I got creative and decided to express what I was feeling using my sketchbook.

This is where I decided to share my coping strategies with others. After finding that a staggering 70% of mental health issues have their onset during childhood or adolescence, I knew I had to do something. Looking back I didn’t set out with the intention of tackling the world of mental health, but I felt a level of responsibility in making sure that children receive the support they need. In my work I wanted to highlight the importance of the 3 C’s: Communication, Compassion, and Creativity. These three principles were the foundation in helping me understand myself better.

With the release of The Fear Theory in 2020 and its supporting tools, I wanted to create a report that would explain the impact of children’s mental health. I believe it is our responsibility as a community to create an environment of empathy and support. A friend of mine, who was a teacher that passed away, left a lasting impact on my life when he shared the words “children are the citizens of tomorrow.” This is my way of contributing to the solution.

– Chad Hopson


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